Pot Luck Dinner & Book Discussion

Pot Luck Dinner & Book Discussion


February 8, 2024    
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Holy Nativity Lutheran Church
3 Lenape Trail, Wenonah, NJ, 08090
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We gather, as we have for many years past, for our traditional annual winter Pot Luck Dinner. It is always a highlight of the year and a great opportunity to gather together with fellow club members and share a wonderful meal on a cold winter’s night in the warmth of good company. As always, please bring either an entrée or dessert and a plate and utensils for yourself.

Please note the dinner begins at 6:00 P.M. and the book discussion at approximately 7:00 P.M.

Book Discussion: This year we invite our participants to choose and read one (or more, if you wish) of the 4 volumes listed below. Each has a vital tale to tell about the perils faced by the natural world and what we humans can do to protect and preserve our fragile living planet. We plan to touch on points from all 4 books. For those who will not have the opportunity to read the books, come out and hear the surprising facts and insights that readers will share, and, then feel free to join in the discussion with your own thoughts and experiences.

  • Fire Weather: A True Story From a Hotter World” by John Vaillant. ©2023. The author shows how, in an age of accelerating climate change, the destructive power of extreme wildfire is being unleashed in new, unimaginable ways. The many weeks of wildfire smoke which blanketed much of the U.S. this past summer… and the devastating Maui fire… are not aberrations. They are the new norm. This book will change your ideas about fire and the future of fire on this planet.

  • “The Treeline: The Last Forest and the Future of Life on Earth” by Ben Rawlence. ©2022. The boreal forest of Alaska, Canada, Europe and Siberia is the largest living system on Earth, a circumpolar “lung” that is essential to the planet’s health. The author takes readers on a journey of wonder and awe as he tells the story of the boreal forest and what it means for the future of the planet if this forest is lost.

  • “Our Fragile Moment: How Lessons From Earth’s Past Can Help Us Survive the Climate Crisis” by Michael Mann. ©2023. There is a relatively narrow window of climate variability within which civilization remains viable. In this paradigm-shifting book, the author arms readers with the knowledge to appreciate the seriousness of the climate crisis, while emboldening them to act before it truly does become too late.

  • Guardians of the Trees: A Journey of Hope Through Healing the Planet” by KInari Webb, M.D. ©2021 One woman’s inspirational journey to save a disappearing rainforest in Borneo, and how she discovers a way to save both lives and trees. Indonesian Borneo is home to Gunung Palung National Park, which hosts diverse species found nowhere else and is beloved by the people who live on the island. But like many people who live near tropical forests, they have at times had to resort to illegal logging to pay for healthcare. To combat this, physician Kinari Webb founded the nonprofit Health in Harmony, which aims to keep the forest healthy by keeping people healthy.

Directions: The Holy Nativity Lutheran Church is located just off Rt. 553 (Woodbury Glassboro Rd.) immediately south of the traffic light at Mantua Ave. The church parking lot can be accessed by entrances on either Woodbury-Glassboro Road or Lenape Trail (first left off of Mantua Ave).