Susquehanna State Park: April 12, 2003

Trip Report: Susquehanna State Park April 12 by Karl Anderson
Blue skies and pleasant temperatures after a week of cold, rainy weather would have made this an enjoyable trip, even had nothing been seen. But as it was, Dutchman’s breeches, yellow corydalis, cut-leaved toothwort, trout lily, spring beauty, bloodroot, spicebush, trailing arbutus, spring cress, and harbinger-of-spring were found in bloom, along with such adventives as hairy bittercress, common chickweed, purple dead-nettle, and ivy-leaved speedwell. Virginia bluebell, trillium, early saxifrage, and blue cohosh were in bud. The distinctive leaves of cranefly orchid were noted in some abundance on a beech-forested slope. Birds seen included bald eagle, black vulture, osprey, eastern phoebe, and red-necked grebe. Ribbon snake, pickerel frog, and red-backed salamander were also seen.

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