Established in 1949, the Gloucester County Nature Club (GCNC) was started by a small group of Gloucester County residents with a common interest in the natural world. The Nature Club is a local nonprofit organization with no paid staff which strives to promote sound conservation practices and to educate others in the community about nature and the environment.

The Nature Club's history includes a continuous record of monthly programs, field trips, and newsletters. All activities are organized and conducted by its members who volunteer their time, resources, and knowledge. All programs and field trips, which cover an array of topics, are free and open to the public.

We currently have about 125 memberships which represents 150-200 people of all ages. While most members reside in Gloucester County, we have many members from neighboring counties and even members from other states.

Up until recently, we were very lucky to have some of our founding members still active in the Club. Bob Cassel and Mimi Glass provided guidance and direction for those of us who are not as familiar with the history of South Jersey and the flora and fauna "hot spots". We truly miss their enthusiasm and love of the outdoors.

The Club has been active over the years in the community sponsoring such events like Bird Quest, county-wide Environmental Commission Conferences, Mad Hatter's Tree Party, Gloucester County Vulture Festival, and the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count to name a few. The latest club-sponsored event is the Gloucester County Firefly Festival, which promises to get bigger and better each year. These events and activities are developed by the Nature Club to provide valuable information to Gloucester County residents about the environment and educate our communities about nature in the hope that if you understand and cherish nature, you will want to save it.

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