Gloucester County Craft Night February 13, 2003

Craft night was a night to bring out the family and make some nature related crafts. The Nature Club provided the crafts and supplies - each of the participants brought a dessert. A special thanks to Deb Maka and Marge Dolente for organizing the crafts and to the people who shared their unique crafts with the Nature Club.

For additional crafts you can make at home click here.

Everyone had a great time working on the many crafts that were available.

Pipecleaner flowers and animals keep even the most ardent outdoorsman occupied for a couple of hours.

Okay, what do I do again? I promise to pay attention this time.

Wait I almost have it. Just need to finish the eyes.

Teachers have the ability to captivate.

This seems pretty easy and it will make the kitchen smell great.

You are doing such a good job, can you make one for me too?

I hope the birds like this pinecone feeder.

What a great idea. Book marks with stickers and stamps.

See what we made? Did someone know something about the weekend we didn't? 20 inches of new snow is a lot.

The woodpeckers will love this peanutbutter feeder. The squirrels will too!

Hey, this is fun. I'm still not sure what a teasle is but a teasle mouse looks good anyway.

What craft night is all about. Family time.

It was a great night for friends to catch up.

I'll just save some of this for later.

Some people always have a great story to share.

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