Bird Quest 2019 Wrap-upů

As predicted it was a fantastic day for Bird Quest (phew!).

From the comments we received at lunch on Saturday it seems the 20th Anniversary of Bird Quest was a success. People I spoke to were very excited about the birds that were out and about on Saturday. It was a big difference from even one week ago when many of the migrants had just not arrived yet. There were also good comments about the location as well.

The total species of birds seen from all groups on Saturday was 137. A very good year. I am including the total species seen list here. As a reminder, the winning team was the Wenonah Warblers who biked the Wheelabrator, Westville, and West Deptford area. They saw 94 species just in that area.

Thank you for being part of the 20th Anniversary Bird Quest event (and 70th year Anniversary of the Gloucester County Nature Club). I tool all of the memories and comments you wrote down on the chart paper and compiled it here for you. There were a lot of comments about birds - no surprise - and of the great people they meet at Bird Quest.

Another great year because of a fantastic volunteer team and you. Thank you - Everyone!

- Brian Hayes, BirdQuest Coordinator -, 856.582.7000 x110

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