Vulture Festival 2006

A formal welcome to the Vulture Festival!


The festival banner surrounded by silhouettes of our honorees.



As if on cue, at 6:15 PM the vultures bagan to come back to their roost.



Two more guests are met by our "greeters".



Karl Anderson and Gale Cannon with one of our vultures.



Bob Baruzzi presented us with some interesting facts about vultures.


Bill Schramm from the Wenonah Environmental Commission talks about Wenonah's vultures.


Master of Venues*, Bob Bevilacqua and friend!

* A flock of vultures is properly called a venue.

Who knew that vultures enjoy coffee?


The original song "The Vultures of Wenonah " was performed by The Carrion Kings (L-R) Bill Schramm, Rich Dilks, and Joe Peppi.



Jim Six (L) talks with Dave Partridge before his set.  What is that handsome bird on top of the speaker?



We were entertained by Vulture Poetry, courtesy of (L-R) Scott Barnes, Peg Schoen, and Ed Cleary.



Our "dancing" vultures and co-hosts, Bob Bevilacqua and Erik Mollenhauer.


Jim Six tunes up.  Jim performed his original song "Look Alive" for us.  Twice!


We even got the logo onto our dessert!


A portion of the crew of Glucester County Nature Club and Wenonah Environmental Commission members that put everything together.  Thanks for an informative, entertaining, and fun evening!

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