Unexpected Refuge - 6/21/08

Ready to start our hike!.

A map of the refuge.

Sarah Summerville, the director of the refuge, was our guide for the day.

Stopping to talk about plants.

Walking along the trail.

Fern 1 - Virginia chain fern.

3 different ferns: Royal fern, cinnamon fern, netted chain fern.

An old abandoned beaver lodge.


Bluebird Field.

Sarah stops to explain something...

...then gets us moving again.

Elaine Dzeima points out something of interest.

Wild yam.

Muddy Bog.

Heading back towards the Main Pond.

Sweetfern (not a fern but a shrub related to bayberry).

The Main Pond, as seen from the dike.

The path along the dike was like a jungle!.

Karl Anderson surveys the Main Pond.

Walking along the dike.

The Miller Pond, dried out after dike broke.

Pickerel Weed (purple flowers). Narrow leaves are of bur-reed.

Cloud reflections on the main pond.

Nearing the end of the dike.

Just about back to base.

View of the Main Pond from the base.

Refuge Headquarters.

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