Mad Hatter's Tree Party - 9/23/10

(New photos added 12/12/2010)

The Mad Hatter & an assistant.

Tea House Preparations

Talking about the trees.

Check-in station.

Another station along the trail

Two "Alices"!.

Goodies at the tea house.

Another view of all the goodies

"Alice" searches the woods.

Cindy Lieby, our harpist, was just magical!

Having a spot of tea.

The Mad Hatter greeting guests.

The Mad Hatter welcomes YOU!

Which place setting is mine?

The Mad Hatter greeting more guests.

More guests arrive.

The tea house.

Our Flutist, Lish Lindsey, was fabulous

Some happy tree party fans

Hmmmm...what type of tree is this?

More happy young tree afficianados

Dressed for the occasion

The Mad Hatter and a hostess

Enjoying some "tea"

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