Cedar Lake Wildlife Management Area - 10/26/08

A fisherman in a serene scene at Cedar Lake when we arrived.

Trekking the trails.

Nearly-Ripe Persimmons.

Wild cranberries could be found along the edges of the bog.

We couldn't get enough of the autumn color and reflections!.

One of the wooded trails.

A type of Clubmoss.

British soldier lichen.

The bog near Cedar Lake.

Photographing something interesting.

Brightly-colored shrubs lined the edges of the lake.

Tiny chorus frogs were everywhere along the bog.

More gorgeous autumn color.

A Southern Leopard Frog.

Learning how to identify a plant using a lens.

Taking it all in.

Beautiful scene along the edge of the lake.

Heading back along the trail.

Our trip is nearing the end.

Lily pads and some autumn color.

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