Northwest Gloucester County Christmas Bird Count Wrap-Up

Fellow birders,

Well the 2019 count is in the books. Yours truly select yet another fine day. Many folks started later than they wanted. With the forecast I can imagine why. We elected to give it the old college try and went out in the wee hours for owls. Glad we did, the weather did not stop the screech owls from responding. The rain actually held off.

87 species were discovered on this Saturday - not too shabby for a less than perfect day. Much appreciate the effort from all. I know you don't have to go out a0nd do this. Your efforts are very worthwhile. Canada Geese were everywhere with over 6000 viewed. Snow Geese numbers were down; they must be feeling elsewhere. Waterfowl numbers were down in general, as were Nuthatches, northern finch types, Creepers, and Tree Sparrows. The only two "write-ins" were a Marsh Wren picked up by the Dilks group, and a Barred Owl by Jeff Mollenhauer and group.

Kestrel numbers (3) were low again. Missed were Eastern Meadowlark, Quail, and Pheasant. Also Pipits., Brown Thrasher, and Pied-Billed Grebe. The feeder watchers helped boost the numbers again this year too; thank you!

I would like to make mention and thank Sue and Mike DeLozier for all their years of service to the count. Mike served as compiler for a number of years. They have elected to retire from the count and I wish them the best! You are missed. I would like to also thank Mary Hegeman for picking up Susan and Mike's area.

Thanks and save the date: 12/19/20

Ron Kegel, compiler

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