Sunday October 22, 2017
1-4 pm, Wenonah, NJ

The Mad Hatter's Tree Party is a 45-minute walk with music, light refreshments, stories, and the Mad Hatter. Great for Families. Free. Rain or shine. Walk begins at the Eldridge Trail: intersection of E. Pine St and S. Princeton Ave, Wenonah, NJ. No pre-registration necessary. Sponsored by the Gloucester County Nature Club and the Wenonah Environmental Commission.

The Mad Hatter's Tree Party is a fun way for people to learn about the trees in our community and the critical role that trees play in a healthy environment. The Tree Party is a chance for families and people of all ages to share a whimsical adventure in a community forest.

The Mad Hatter's Tree Party is an opportunity:

Time in nature can be therapeutic and restirative. Over one hundred studies report that spending time in nature reduces stress... That green outdoor spaces foster creative play and imagination while reducing symptoms of attention-deficit disorder. In contrast, indoor activities or activities on paved, non-green areas increased those symptoms, Spending time in areas with trees and greenery was the most beneficial.

Tell your friends! Click on the link for a printable copy of the Mad Hatter's Tree Party flyer.

See the Mad Hatter's photo page for photos of the first Tree Party, held in 2010.

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